LOST Dates coming soon...

Every year students from Bristol as many as 100+ students take part in our charity hitchhikes LOST & Jailbreak. Participants raise money through sponsorship and must not spend any money on transport during their travels.

LOST sees the students blindfolded, put on a coach and transported 100 miles away to the middle of nowhere. Participants race back completing challenges along the way for deductions off their final time. Want to see the sort of stuff they get up to? Check out the video below!

Jailbreak is very much the opposite. Our participants compete to escape Bristol, getting as far away as possible with no money for transport. In previous years people have reached places like Rotterdam (Netherlands), Gran Canaria (Spain), and Los Angeles (USA). The current record set March 2011 was Perth (Australia)!!!

Jailbreak 2020 is sponsored by Percent