The RAG Casino is a student run Casino that is hired out by RAG and ran at various formals and events throughout the year. All the proceeds from the Casino go towards RAG’s chosen charities.

The RAG Casino has always been a notable feature at some of Bristol University’s best formal events. In the past we have attended:

  • Founder’s Ball

  • Goldney Summer Ball

  • Manor Hall Formals

  • Wills Hall Formals

If you represent a group who would be interested in hiring out the casino, we offer a range of packages displayed below. Once you’ve picked a package please use the booking form below and we'll be in touch!

Bronze Package


  • 1 Roulette Wheel

  • 1 Roulette Spread

  • 1 Blackjack Spread

  • 3+ Croupiers

Silver Package


  • 1 Roulette Wheel

  • 2 Roulette Spread

  • 1 Blackjack Spread

  • 1 Horse Race Spread

  • 5+ Croupiers

Gold Package


  • 1 Roulette Wheel

  • 2 Roulette Spread

  • 2 Blackjack Spread

  • 1 Poker Spread

  • 1 Horse Race Spread

  • 1 Craps Spread

  • 8+ Croupiers

Optional Extras

£50 - Extra Casino Spread

£25/hr - Popcorn Machine


How are our prices calculated?

Our prices include a flat rate of £125 plus £50 per spread

How much set-up time do you need?

We will arrive at least 30 minutes before your requested start time.

How are the chips distributed?

We supply each guest with a starting set of chips upon their first visit to the table. The games are free to play for guests and we do not deal in real money!

Do you supply prizes?

We do not supply prizes; however, we usually host a prize-giving ceremony for the person who has won the most chips at the end of the evening, with prizes that you have provided.

Extra Details

Typical package duration is 4 hours, and any time beyond this will be charged at £20 per spread per hour.

Roulette spread measures 200cmx100cm. Roulette wheel measures 50x50cm. Poker spread measures 100x200cm. Blackjack spread measures 100x125cm. Craps spread measures 180x90cm.

Please contact our Casino Officers at or the Bristol RAG Facebook Page for inquiries.

If you are unsure which package would be most suitable for your event, we are very happy to advise on this.

Any lost chips and damages to cloth or equipment will be paid for in full by the event organiser, at the cost of replacement or repair.

Tables must be provided by the event organisers. Ideally, they should be rectangular and should accommodate the game spreads, sizes of which are detailed above.

Once booking forms have been received a confirmation email will be sent in reply.