Societies, Clubs & JCR’s

Bristol RAG does lots of work raising money for charity, but we also try to support other student groups to do the same! If you’re a student club or society looking to organise a charity event and want some general advise then please contact us on our contact page. We can also discuss promoting your event on our social media.

If you’ve already ran your event and need to pay the money raised to your chosen charity then please contact It doesn’t have to be one of our partner charities, we can pay the money to any charity.

Fundraising Leaderboard

Rank Society Amount Raised YTD 2017-18
1 Galenicals £11,285.99
2 RAG £6600
3 Islamic Society £3001.20
4 Vegetarian & Vegan Society £300
5 Unknown £179.05
6 Pole Fitness Society £100
7 Bristol Friends of MSF £46