Society Showdown

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Society Showdown



To kick off RAG Week, we’re running the first EVER intersociety competitive Raid across Bristol, raising money with ridiculous RAG-practiced challenges over Sunday afternoon. To take part with your society, and win big money, read on!!

Event Description

Each society can enter as many teams as they like of up to 5 people, and each team costs £5 to enter. We meet at the SU at 1:30pm, and each team is given a bucket and a RAG style challenge sheet.

The idea is that each pound each team raises is worth 10 points, and each challenge is worth a certain number of points. You set of around Bristol in your teams, and, after a few hours, we re-gather in the Union and figure out all the scoring.
Here’s the good bit- whichever team has the most points at the end wins their society all the money paid as entrance fees by each team. So if 20 teams take part, that’s £100. 40 teams, £200. 60 teams…? So the more teams that take part, the better your society’s chances of getting hella P!

Other reasons to get involved:

  • There will be other prizes on show for e.g. most money raised, best outfits, most challenges completed
  • It counts towards your Balloon Bar Collaboration Accreditation Scheme.
  • The more people that take part, the more money raised for you and for amazing causes!

If every society gets 1 team (up to 5 people) involved, we would be looking at £1500 for your society and an amazing start to RAG Week! Plus in 40 years when it’s the talk of the town, won’t you want to say that you won the first ever one in your hayday?

If there’s one RAG event to do this year, it’s this one!

Thank you for taking the time to read this, any questions email or use our contact form.