RAG AGM – Elect the new committee!!

Enjoyed RAG this year? Want to run for a position in next year’s committee? Come along to our AGM and run for a position in the best society at uni! It doesn’t matter whether you’re a RAG fanatic or you’ve never been to a RAG event before, if you’re keen to be on a committee that runs fun and innovative events for charity, this could be for you! The AGM will take place 26th April at 7pm. Facebook event is linked at the bottom of the post.
The positions that are available are as follows:

In charge of RAG

Supporting the President & committee, head of reps

Organise meetings, socials and communicate with charities

In charge of all the money and spending.

Marketing & Communications:
In charge of Promotion, Ads, Flyering and FB page

Events Officer:
In charge of organising events and coming up with new events

Challenges Officer:
In charge of co-ordinating challenges abroad

Hitchhikes Officer (x2):
In charge of running hitchhike events, LOST and Jailbreak

Pub Quiz Officer (x2):
Runs the pub quiz every week in association with the SU

Outreach Officer:
In joint charge of reps and recruiting new people to RAG

Casino Officer (x2):
Runs the casinos we offer to formals and events

RAG Week Officer (x2):
Organising a whole week of fun and exciting RAG Events in February

Thinking you’ll run? Please let us know!! It won’t be prescriptive but we’ll use the form to release a list of candidates before the event.