Jailbreak 2018

We’ve decided to postpone Jailbreak until after easter to give you plenty of time to sign up. This year we’re holding it on the 21st April, but make sure to get your tickets before 14th April!

Jailbreak is back!

How far can you go without spending a single penny in 36 hours??? RAG’s annual charity hitchhike will see teams of 2 or 3 compete to hitchhike as far away from the SU as possible in 36 hours. Teams from Bristol have previously got as far as Amsterdam, L.A. and even Perth, Australia – all for free!!

Tickets are just £10 and they include a t-shirt, tracking on the event so anyone can check out where you are, and an info/safety pack for your travels. We will be running briefings to give you the lowdown on international hitchhiking and all our hints and tips.

As it’s a charity hitchhike we ask every participant to raise £100 in sponsorship, but don’t worry we give you loads of advice on how to fundraise!

Tickets are only on sale until 14th April so be sure to get yours soon!!