Bristol RAG’s Partner Charity Applications are now open! If you represent a charity you can now apply to be our next partner charity. We’re looking for 3 charities to work with, including at least 2 local charities and at most 1 national/international charity. Apply Here What is Bristol RAG? Bristol RAG is the fundraising arm […]

Thank you everyone who came along to our AGM last Thursday! At the AGM we officially elected in our new committee. We also created a brand new role! This role has been named Non-Partner Charity Events Officer and will assist students at Bristol with their own fundraising ideas. This years Committee are: President – Kyle Welch […]

Enjoyed RAG this year? Want to run for a position in next year’s committee? Come along to our AGM and run for a position in the best society at uni! It doesn’t matter whether you’re a RAG fanatic or you’ve never been to a RAG event before, if you’re keen to be on a committee […]

We’ve decided to postpone Jailbreak until after easter to give you plenty of time to sign up. This year we’re holding it on the 21st April, but make sure to get your tickets before 14th April! Jailbreak is back! How far can you go without spending a single penny in 36 hours??? RAG’s annual charity […]

After spending sometime going through this years charity applications, we have shortlisted the charities down to 10 charities. In the next week, students will be able to vote for a charity in the polling section of MyBristol. Once all votes have been counted, we will select the top 3 to be our partner charities. The […]

Welcome to Bristol RAG! Our website is currently under construction at the moment, come back soon to see what we’ve got for you! Is now online! Go ahead, take a look around 🙂 Also, why don’t you head on over to our SU site for updates and to see what we’re all up to.