Jailbreak 2017 is over! Interested in taking part next time? Keep watching our facebook for updates on when you can sign up for jailbreak 2018! To see how they did this year click here. You can see how well your friends fundraising efforts went here.

Event Information

RAG’s most infamous challenge is here again!
Checkout the Facebook page.

Jailbreak is Bristol RAG’s biggest charity hitchhike event where teams of 2 or 3 Bristol students hitchhike as far away from Bristol as possible in 36 hours, last year teams got to Sweden, Poland and Spain! Its a competition to see who can get the furthest, and you can use any form of transport you like as long as you don’t pay for it. This year teams will set off at 7am on Saturday 11th March, and be racing until 7pm Sunday 12th March.

To keep you safe we make you all wear bright t-shirts so people can see you and so they know you’re on a charity hitchhike, and we also track you using a text-in tracking system and plot your location on a map which can be accessed by your friends and family. Before the event we will also run an info/safety talk so you can get advice on how to hitchhike (and how not to!) so you can stay super safe and get as far away as you can!

Tickets are avaiable now, just follow the link and click ‘book here’. Each member of your team must purchase a ticket and this covers costs such as your event t-shirt which must be worn at all times for safety reasons and the tracking system. We also ask that each person raises at least £80 sponsorship to participate. We know this may sound like a lot but don’t worry, it doesn’t take much work to raise £80 and we are there to help you if you get stuck!

If you raise over £500, you will be able to have the price of your ticket refunded out of your sponsorship, so you participate for free!

36 hours, no money… #HowFarWillYouGo ?

We will be holding information talks in the next few weeks for those with questions or who just want a bit more information!

Ticket sales are now closed
Email bristoljailbreak@gmail.com for more information