Get Involved

Want to Join the Committee?

Are you passionate about raising money for charity? Do you have lots of ideas for potential fundraising events? Would you be willing to give up your time to help organise some of the biggest events ran by any society in the entire year? Then you should definitely consider joining our committee!

The AGM has passed, but there are still some positions vacant. If you’re interested in taking on any then please email with a brief explanation of why you think you’d be suited to the role. You’ll be able to act within that role until the October EGM – at the EGM you can be officially elected.

Vacant Committee Roles


As Vice President you’ll have to work closely with the President to keep the society running smoothly. The role of Vice President is incredibly diverse with many responsibilities. As Vice President you would be the head of Reps. You’ll have to keep RAG Reps engaged with RAG so we are never short of helpers when it comes to our larger events. In the absence of the President you may have to chair committee meetings.

Press & Marketing Officer

The Press & Marketing Officer is in charge of any external communications. This role involves making lots of marketing material (Posters, Facebook Banners, etc.) and ensuring committee members are advertising their events within good time. You’ll also manage our social media pages and be the first point of contact for any messages received on these platforms. You’ll frequently liaise with the SU marketing team to promote events and significant achievements

Outreach Officer

Outreach Officer carries a lot of responsibility. The primary role is to recruit our annual cohort of RAG reps and keep them engaged with RAG throughout the year. You will do everything from introductory events, to our annual repnitiation. It’s a really fun role and one of the best ways to get involved with RAG!

2nd Hitchhikes Officer

You will have to help organise 2 of RAG’s largest events (Jailbreak & Lost). The biggest of these 2 events, Jailbreak, involves teams trying to get as far away from Bristol in just 36 hours, without spending a penny on transport. You’ll have to organise promo, safety talks, launch events and of course run tracking on the day.

2nd Casino Officer

As a Casino Officer your Job is to run Bristol RAG’s Casino service. The Casino has made its way into some of Bristol’s best formal events including Founder’s Ball, Goldney Summer Ball and many other formals! You’ll have to manage Casino bookings, recruit croupiers to work on the events and ensure each event runs smoothly. This job has the added bonus of getting you free entry to some of Bristol’s biggest and best formal events.

2nd RAG Week Officer

RAG Week is our biggest fundraising week of the entire year. It’s so big we need 2 people working on it all year round to make it a success! You’ll have to plan and coordinate a whole range of events. In the past RAG Week officers have planned: ‘Take Me Out’, a Harry Potter themed Pub Quiz, Cake Sales, Public Lectures, Battle of the Bands, Accapelaoke, a RAG week procession and so much more!
Nothing is too big for RAG week.

Raids Officer (x2)

RAG Raids are probably what RAG is known best for. Do you like the sound of dressing up in fancy dress and heading up to a random UK city to raise hundreds or even thousands for charity? Then this roles is definitely for you! You’ll lead huge groups of reps and committee members in massive fundraising events. There’s certainly no better way to make money for charity than standing on the street, shaking a bucket and relying on the generosity of the public. It also helps raise a tonne of awareness!

Halls Officer

The Halls Officer is an incredibly important job that helps us reach out to students in halls who are interested in charity fundraising. As Halls officer you’d be liaising with students and JCR’s within halls to promote RAG events. You’ll also be their first point of contact when they wish to get support from RAG for their own fundraising events.

Want to join as a RAG Rep?

RAG Reps are the people that really make RAG run. We need Reps who are willing to help us plan, promote and run events. We take a new cycle of Reps on each year so look out for the application form in September!

As a Rep you could be doing anything from helping members of the committee plan events, to planning your own events to just being a helping hand on the day. The role is incredibly diverse and you can do as much or as little as you’d like.