Mount Kilimanjaro


Hope for Children is an international charity that passionately believes every child has the right to a happy, healthy and positive childhood. Almost half of the world’s children are vulnerable and living in poverty – HfC are changing this by making a safe and fulfilling childhood a reality for more of the world’s children: by improving their access to education and healthcare; empowering their families to support themselves; and developing their confidence and self-esteem.

Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the seven natural wonders of the world and for many
people, standing on its summit is a lifelong ambition. The snow-capped peak was
first reached by German explorers in the late 19th Century and you will follow in their
footsteps as you attempt to scale this mighty mountain. The world’s highest freestanding
peak, Kilimanjaro rises alone from the surrounding savannah. Situated in Tanzania,
this challenge is an amazing opportunity to not only climb Kilimanjaro, but to explore
East Africa and learn about the rich culture and varied landscapes of the region. Students will also be given the chance to experience first-hand some of the vital work Hope for Children carry out in Tanzania.

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