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Important Information before booking.

Typical package duration is 4 hours; 8PM-12PM. Any time after this will cost £20 per spread per hour. Packages are negotiable (e.g. Small Package with an extra Blackjack Spread).

Roulette spread measures 200cmx100cm. Roulette wheel measures 50x50cm. Poker spread measures 100x200cm. Blackjack spread measures 100x125cm. Craps spread measures 180x90cm.

Any lost chips and any damages to cloth or equipment will be paid for in full by the hirer (at cost of replacement/repair).

Tables must be provided by the event organisers. Ideally they should be rectangular and should accommodate the game spreads, sizes of which are detailed above.

Please fill in the contact form below or contact Tom & Amelia at to hire out the casino. If you choose to email, please use this booking form.

Once booking forms have been received, a confirmation email will be sent in reply. You will be invoiced after the event has taken place.

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Small Package (£275)Medium Package (£375)Large Package (£525)Popcorn Only (£25 per hour)

Extra spread (£50)Popcorn Machine (£25 per hour)

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